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At Miami, I am teaching intermediate macroeconomic theory at the undergraduate (ECO 317) and a class on DSGE modeling at the graduate level (ECO 517).

In the past, I have taught multiple undergraduate classes as an instructor at Washington University in St. Louis. I also served as a Teaching Assistant for a variety of courses. Below you can find an overview of my teaching experiences, course evaluations, and sample syllabi.

As Instructor:

Introduction to Microeconomics (Econ 1011):  Summer 2016 (Eval), Summer 2018 (Eval), Summer 2019 (Eval)

[Sample Syllabus]

Mathematical Economics (Econ 493): Spring 2017 (Eval1, Eval2), Fall 2017 (Eval1, Eval2)

[Sample Syllabus]

As Teaching Assistant:

Intermediate Macroeconomic Theory (Econ 4021): Fall 2015 (Eval), Spring 2018 (Eval)

Intermediate Microeconomic Theory (Econ 4011):  Fall 2016 (Eval)

Economics of Law (Econ 403): Spring 2016 (Eval)


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